Our Guardian Program 


we are now actively looking for guardian homes to place several female pups and one male pup in the coming months of 2019. Please email Sandra at the address below for more information.

As we believe that all of our dogs deserve a loving home with their own special families we place most of our breeding dogs in “guardian homes”. Our guardian program is an exchange program which involves Sprucetree’s breeding dogs and our guardian families. Our breeding dogs are premium dogs which remain intact for a certain number of years for the purpose of breeding. They carry a high monetary value and require quality care and attention much the same as any good dog owner would provide for their pet. The exchange involves the guardian family giving our wonderful dogs a safe and loving home to call their own. Chosen guardian homes are required to pay a deposit on their dog. This deposit will be returned to the guardian once the dog has been released from the breeding program unless the dog is not used in the breeding program for any reason.  If the dog is not used, the guardian will have received a puppy at a substantially lower price.  Once our dogs have completed their breeding years they will be neutered at the owner's expense and continue to live out their lives in their forever homes.

If you are interested in becoming a guardian home for one of our breeding dogs please read through the requirements below.

 Requirements For Guardian homes: 

  • Must be a non-smoking home.

  • Preference will be given to families who have someone at home at least part of the day.

  • A fenced yard may be necessary depending on where you live.

  • Must be willing to spend time training the dog in basic commands and good behaviour much as you would any pet.

  • Must feed the dog superior quality food recommended by us and not allow her/him to become overweight. Must see that the dog gets appropriate exercise daily.

  • Must be willing to bring the dog to the breeder as needed or make arrangements with the breeder to pick the dog up for breeding, health testing, etc that may be deemed necessary by the breeder from time to time. 

  • All expenses related to breeding will be at the breeder’s expense. Vaccinations, treatment for minor health issues, general care are at the expense of the guardian.

  • Must be willing to provide regular and necessary grooming to the dogs coat as determined by the breeder.

  • Must have the dog live in the home as a part of your family.

  •  Must provide regular routine veterinary care as needed.

  • Must live within a one hour drive of our home in Marion Bridge, NS.

If you think you may qualify to be a guardian to one of our breeding dogs and would like to receive a "pick of the litter" puppy please email me at sandramacleod@sprucetreelabradoodles.com for more information.