About Hope

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Our chocolate and white parti girl is Bluestar Labradoodles' "Hope Matters" aka "Hope".  Hope came to us from Carol Stover of Bluestar Labradoodles of Olympia/Spokane, Washington State. We are so thankful to Carol for sending us this beautiful girl.  Hope spends her days at our home on the beautiful Mira River as she grows and enjoys her puppyhood. She has already become such a part of the family! She and Tula are the best of friends. Hope has had extensive health testing done and she definitely fits our vision of quality Australian Labradoodles for our breeding program. We can't wait to see the gorgeous puppies this girl will have in 2018. As is typical of the Australian Labradoodle, Hope is gentle and sweet, lots of fun, loves everyone she meets and is a delight to own. She loves to swim and will swim anywhere in the hopes of catching a duck and enjoys the outdoors so much but LOVES to be with us as well so will come as soon as we call her (unless she's swimming after a duck!).  She is the perfect example of a well-rounded Australian Labradoodle!   

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Hope’s testing:

  • OFA- Hips - Excellent/ Wallace - Hips - Excellent
  • OFA - Elbows - Normal/ Wallace - Normal
  • DM - Normal/Clear
  • EIC - Normal/Clear
  • PRA/PRCD - Normal/Clear
  • Von Willibrand - Normal/Clear
  • Coat - IC - Normal/Clear
  • CAER - Normal